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Erotic Cock

The Mark Miller Gallery Celebrates Valentine's Day with "YES DEAR" a Solo Exhibition of Sculptured Lingerie by West Coast Artist Laura

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NEW YORK (PRWeb) January 28, 2007 -- The Mark Miller Gallery presents a fanciful body of work for the season of love and romance in Yes Dear, a solo exhibition by West Coast Artist Laura Ann Jacobs .

Laura Jacobs is known for her bejeweled sculpted depictions of everyday feminine underwear. Her molded lingerie collection are adorned with sparkling precious stones and encrusted with beautiful inlays of every conceivable sort. Among her present body of work are shoes, brassieres, and corsets crafted with resin, mosaiced with modern-day "gemstones" such as glittery re-cycled safety glass, shattered heirlooms, seashells and antler horns.

Jacobs' designs although romantic in nature, tend towards the tongue in cheek. "If Valentines Day has become for many an engineered and materialistic fantasy, then Laura's artistic vision serves to explore society's pursuit of physical perfection, and the extent to which we let fashion take us, our desire to be desired", commented gallery owner, Mark Miller.

"YES DEAR" runs February 1 through March 31st at,
The Mark Miller Gallery
92 Orchard Street (Between Delancey and Broome), New York City
Gallery hours: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday thru Thursday
Contact Mark Miller at: (212) 253-9479
A reception will held on February 10th - 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

On exhibition will be Jacobs' signature pieces:
Davenatrix, an erotic corset equipped with a functional zipper, obligatory whip and chain with Hebrew letters branded as a pattern. In this design the artist provokes discourse on the dominance and submission prevalent in relationships, love and even in the rituals of her own Jewish religion.

"Top Drawer Trappings of the Bon Ton" - A corset made of colorful plastic, which depicts the artist's interpretation of feminine beauty, revealing a woman's new and most unnatural assets, suggesting that modern woman is still man-made.
"Conch-scious She Sell" - a pointy brassiere made of mother of pearl giving gravity-defying flight to the shapes that lie beneath.

Laura Jacobs has long collected "pretty things". Her foray into feminine objets d'art began with designing real bras in elaborate concoctions for special-wear. "They sold well but customers were reluctant to hide such unique garments in their closets and started hanging them on their walls." Jacobs commented. "I decided to follow their lead, and made less wearable pieces and focused on making the designs more sculptural art", she concluded.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Jacobs is schooled in fine arts, including degrees from Alfred University, California College of Arts & Crafts, San Francisco State University, and a year at school in Florence, Italy. She is represented on the West Coast by the Hart Gallery in Monterey and Palm Desert, California and in Las Vegas by the S2 Art group, presently exhibiting her work in their gallery in the Venetian Hotel.

Ms Jacobs' work is part of the traveling collection of Arthur S. Goldberg and private collections from Palm Beach to Boston, Silicon Valley to Baltimore. She has participated in some 50 invitational and juried shows in the US and Italy since 1985, and is associated, in addition to the Hart Gallery, with galleries in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.


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